WRIA 19 Watershed Plan
CAPR Clallam Chapter


The Draft Lyre-Hoko Watershed Plan is on the County’s website atwww.clallam.net/environment/html/wria_19.htm .

The PUD Commissioners will be taking comments from the public regarding that plan on March 29th @ 1:30PM. at their Port Angeles office at 2431 E. Highway 101. Comments can be oral, written or both.

According to the Crescent Water Association, that draft plan includes the following:

  • ” No new water rights will be allowed in the Salt Creek Basin;
  • No new water rights will be allowed to remove water from the Lyre River July-Oct;
  • Encourage low-impact development principles & practices;
  • Avoid or minimize creation of impervious surfaces;
  • Evaluate what impact septic tank-leach field systems have on water quantity & quality & consider actions to reduce or mitigate impacts;
  • Develop a mechanism to mitigate environmental threats to waterways on non-conforming pre-existing use parcels;
  • Implement programs to conserve agricultural activities;
  • Actively support conservation measures for nearshore marine waters to limit substantial coastal development;
  • Determine the impacts of present & future human use of water in the Salt Creek subbasin.”